i just wanna be me / Galit Tsuk

i just wanna be me
"I just wanna be me" is the first transgender children's book in Israel. The book includes three stories with rhymes. Two of them, are told from the perspective of transgender children; and the third story, from the perspective of a girl confronting her father, when he chooses to come out as a transgender woman.
The three stories are based on true events, as they express the dissonance between the soul and the body.
A reflection and several questions for discussion are added at the end of every story.
The author, Galit Tsuk is happily married to Amit, a transgender woman. They enjoy the joint parenting of their four biological children.
Galit is an entrepreneur and a social activist ('Grandma for rent', 'Grandma Chef', School for collaborators, 'Successful women forum in the north', the 'Israeli pride' association); promoting social initiatives and active blogger on internet portals and magazines; Galit writes on issues related to community and social injustices.
Galit tells: "When Amit came out, we decided to devote our energies and our work to the most beautiful and colorful community in the world, the gay community - our community.
As part of our social-entrepreneurial activities, we established the 'Israeli pride association', which promotes a strong LGBT community in the periphery.

It's a honor for me to give you the most sensitive book that dills with transgender' s kids feeling and dissonances with their body. "I just wanna be me" / Galit Tsuk - Link to the book

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